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US groups point finger at Egyptian minister
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Feb 16, 11:09 AM (ET)


WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. nonprofit organizations under investigation in Egypt say an old ally of Hosni Mubarak is behind an Egyptian campaign against pro-democracy groups.

They want Washington to end relations with International Cooperation Minister Faiza Aboul Naga, or cut off military aid to Egypt entirely.

Aboul Naga claims the U.S. sought chaos in Egypt by paying these groups to do their work.

Security forces raided the nonprofit groups in December. Sixteen Americans are charged with wrongdoing. Seven Americans in Egypt cannot leave.

Lorne Craner is with the International Republican Institute. Craner says Aboul Naga helped launch a secretive panel against pro-democracy groups. Craner told a congressional committee she violated Egyptian law by announcing evidence against people under investigation.

David Kramer of Freedom House also blamed Egypt's military for stoking nationalism.

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