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Mexico to investigate column insulting maids
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Apr 3, 11:27 PM (ET)

MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexico's National Council to Prevent Discrimination says it will launch an investigation of an online magazine column accusing maids of being "ungrateful, whining, abusive thieves."

The column published in the online entertainment-oriented publication "Diario Basta" earlier this week has drawn stiff criticism for allegedly insulting people based on social class, gender and occupation.

Such discriminatory language is against the law in Mexico, but freedom of expression also enjoys broad protection.

The council said Wednesday that 41 members of congress had filed a complaint against the column entitled "Damned Servants," which recounted the misadventures of actors and actresses with their household help.

The vast majority of Mexico's 2.2 million domestic employees are women and have no formal job contracts or benefits. The council can make recommendations, but has little enforcement power.

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